I Hope I Always Remember...

as viscerally as I do now,

what it is like to lean close over Addison as I tuck him in to bed at night, and as I start to murmur a prayer of blessing over him,

to have him,

CLASP his hand over his mouth and nose,

his eyes desperate...

and hear him exclaim in HORROR:

Your Breath!


Kristy O. said...

*that* bad, huh?

Daniel Rudd said...

i don't think your penis is minuscule.

Kate Rudd said...

weird. deja vu.

I have *definitely* read this post before in a parallel universe..
and thought it was hilarious - one of my favorites..
so if that didn't happen, and this is the *first* time you've put it down in words..I'm going to go have some nightmares.