April Fools: The List

April Fools jokes played on me included:

- A hanging paper spider in the dark doorway when I got home after midnight,

- "Dad, I hurt my toe at school today,"

- "Dad, my teacher yelled at me today,"

- "OW! ow! Stop it! Jaelyn hit me, dad,"

- (overheard as Lynn arrived home)"Addison, are you serious? You better not be...Addison, tell me the Truth. Addison! I think we better tell your dad. You said that to your Teacher?!" (all the while Addison is barely supressing his smile, convincing me that he is playing an April Fools Joke on his MOM, only to find out that he is her, not-so-convincing confederate in duping me.)

- the five students who didn't show up for the advising appointments they signed up for (those were April Fools jokes, weren't they? because I'm sure people weren't just slacking...)

- "Dad, I hurt my toe at school today,"

- "Dad, I got in trouble today with my teacher,"

-- oh, did I already tell you those ones -- so you mean April Fools jokes don't work the second and third times you tell them?

Could you email my kids and tell *them* that?

1 comment:

Daniel Rudd said...

i hurt my toe yesterday.
i didn't find it funny at all.
how about a little sensitivity and compassion for a change.