Working Right Now For Tomorrow's Success

With the tax deadline barely cleared from my front burner, several other imminent deadlines governed my day -- Joe's senior thesis needs to be delivered pronto into the hands of his committee & all that hindered it were my final comments and approval, I have been planning to enter _Preacher Boy_ into Scriptapalooza and had til midnight, the _Screening Room_ needed my technical assistance and equipment provision by 7, and of course the looming film fest and trip north this weekend -- the day was a blur of racing and errands and juggling.

It's hard for any immediate events or urgencies to weigh very strongly against you on a day when your head is at least four hours, if not four days, in the future; on the other hand, living through a day without actually being present -- living instead in theoretical time -- seems like it may end up being as existentially wrenching as waking up one morning to realize that you're actually just a clone of Andrew1.

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