A Secret Whale

Whale's Eye

As Jeff and I left the highway from our jaunt to Kim Ann's Sandy Valley Film Shorts Night, a flash of blue caught my eye -- I was almost certain that I had spotted a whale. Do you remember the moment in A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius? The moment where they spot the whale?

After we tried driving behind factories and climbing over fences and skirting barbed wire, we stumbled upon a path that took us right there.

Jeff ponders the Belly of the Whale

Once we were close, we ran like kids with wild abandon.

Whale at Twilight

How lucky could we be? To find a remote, mysterious, secret, abandoned whale. (here I stand triumphantly astride the beast)

Jeff on board the Whale

Part of me is dying for one of you, dear readers, to explain why and what this whale is doing in the heart of decrepit Canton, Ohio.

Evening Whale

The other part of me wants to drive downtown and find out that the whale has disappeared and the whole thing was a kind of Narnian, Door In The Wall experience.


Anonymous said...

While in Sandy Valley, did you see the giant dinosaur? There are more than a few strange things lurking around down there.


criticinema said...

Apparently the whale is all that remains of Mother Goose Land.



Jessica said...

Canton's Website including Willie the Whale: http://www.cityofcanton.com/gallery13.html

joeldaniel said...

i think it's from Mother Goose Land...I remember when that place was in its full glory...what a bastion of fun & imagination.