Look Who Came to Visit

Maya Bear, originally uploaded by redbaerd.

Maya came with Sophia, Ryan & Ang for a whirlwind tour of Ohio. Who knew that Ohio could be a definitive modifier for so many things? After her visit, Maya now knows about Ohio-Church, Ohio-Cousins, Ohio-Playporch, Ohio-Upstairs, Ohio-BG (the turtle), Ohio-Macaroni & Ohio-Treehouse/Playhouse/Slide.

I hear that there's a Massachusetts side of the family that's vying for cutest-adjective-in-Maya's-vocabulary. I hate to throw down the gauntlet, Kelly & Sean, but you may want to contact your local board of tourism and marketing to start preparing for the Corbin trip East, because it's going to take a lot of effort to beat Ohio-Macaroni.

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Kelly and Sean said...

We'll just see what she talks about after a visit here. I'm thinking Massaroni.