I Discover What I Think By Talking.

You can only imagine how painful it is to live with someone like me.

But this morning, mid-conversation with Lynn, I discovered a new axiom which, I think, I believe with all my heart. And that doesn't happen often. I usually believe everything with reservations.

It is always a strong choice to admit what you do not know.

and I think by strong I also mean good, but I think I like the way that strong functions in that sentence. It's a little bit subversive.


Joshua said...

One of the things I always remember about my time at Malone is Jackie (Baker) Welling's ability to answer our questions by saying "I don't know." It was always a surprise when she would say that, because I was unaccostumed to hearing my professors say "I don't know."

More impressive still, was the fact that she would come to the next class with the answer. She always seemed to remember the questions she didn't know the answers to and she would research them and give us the answer in the next class. Most of the time, I didn't even remember the question, but it was impressive to see her being so honest, and so committed to teaching.

It has always left an impression on me, and I hope to model that behavior if I ever get to be a professor.

Daniel Rudd said...

i don't believe in axioms.

for instance,

what if the nazi's are at your door and you don't know if you are hiding jews in your house or not!?!?

Hmmm? What then Mr. Absolute!!