Back Into The Rhythm

I have at least seven different blog entries gestating -- considering emerging here -- but the press of life, obligations, commitments, relationships and institutions is winning.

I had a great time in Michigan, alternately bizarre, surreal, zen, joyous and quiet.

I am nowhere near ready to re-enter my life as a professor.

Now is really the moment for New Years Resolutions for we academics -- much more than January -- so I'm trying to imagine what sorts of incremental changes I want to aim for....

While sustaining all of the life, obligations, commitments, relationships and institutions I already enjoy...

I'm thinking of hiring a lifecoach.


Rini said...

Oh, me too. I read somewhere recently about a life coach currently living in a camper with his family in a beach parking lot in Santa Barbara because their luxurious house in Orlando was foreclosed on. I'll see if I can track down his website; I bet we could get some kind of discount if several of us sign up for his services at once, and the article said he was trying to rebuild his business, so it's a "life coach buyers' market."

Margaret said...

It is at once comforting and unsettling to know that people with Careers and Marriages and Families think thoughts like this.

Mostly comforting.


Nick B said...

you cant hire a lifecoach; youre my lifecoach.

that would totally mess with how i view you and our relationship.

soooo, do me a solid and dont hire a lifecoach