Technical Glitches

The strange part is:

Ever since I got the phone call from Info Tech that the hard drive was absolutely corrupt...

that the data was irretrievable...

I've been experiencing all manner of odd technical glitches here in regular, non-cyber life.

Drinking my coffee this morning, mid-sip, suddenly the cup was empty, as if the link to the source code had just disappeared.

When I woke up this morning, I found that all of my clothes had been refolded and repacked into a stack of Barbie backpacks, old toiletry cases, and large plastic dollhouses. The wooden dresser that has been in my closet for the past nine years? Gone.

All the trees outside of the house (there's twenty-one pines and three maples) were somehow replanted in new formations during then night. I wish I had a helicopter or a large crane to try to discern whether these new formations form symbols that can be understood from above. From down here, though, there's no apparent rhyme nor reason.

In several closets, the light fixtures (mostly bare bulbs) are now on the floor instead of the ceiling. Remembering to step around them is annoying, but not as frustrating as trying to re-learn how to yank a light-chain upward instead of downward. It's just awkward and my body has no sense-memory for it.


Daniel Rudd said...

ok. i'm calling

Daniel Rudd said...

re: post 9.02.08 (think you can disable my comments?):
completely unacceptable.