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Because of a bumpy night of sleep, Jaelyn and Addison slept in late, and after I had two and a half meetings at school (with a new hire for the TV studio and with my student course assistant and with an irate librarian -- in general, people should try to stay away from this group of human beings -- irate librarians seem to be capable of a sort of wrath which frightens you with its quiet, yet intensified fury), I met the fam back at the pool where J & A showed me their much-improved freestyle thanks to

(a.) more practice inspired by Michael Phelps &
(b.) new goggles that actually work.

Christopher and Colte came over to practice on the piano while we had leftover-rice-transformed-into-fried rice and then, after a family bike ride in which Addison's exasperation at his

(a.) passion for peddling (thwarted by)
(b.) his ridiculously undersized bike,

led us to peruse Craigslist again, we found (!) the perfect bike fifteen minutes away; a quick phone call and a long minivan ride later, Addison was the proud owner of a new bike.


Kate Rudd said...

This group of human beings you speak of..

I am familiar with the formidable nature of this particular sort of wrath.

It is the rarity and restraint which makes it so potent.

I have happily managed never to incur said fury, and to remain in the general good graces of the Librarian people.
So much did they favor me, in fact, that I was provided with food, shelter, and clothing..and scads of books..from the day I was born.

I am continually grateful.

libarrylady said...

Irate librarians?