Is there really any need to announce that I'm taking a hiatus from blogging here? My posts have been lackluster and hit or miss for long enough that most of you have given up on finding happiness or stimulation at this URL.

I still love the blogosphere and you (dear readers), but middle aged me doesn't have the energy to do good writing (by any standard) here and do passably good work in the other various places where people meet me.

I'll still have a cyber presence. I plan to twitter (and I've left the feed running here on this blog), and keep up my rare family-blog-posts. My two-sentence movie-reviews will continue and I'm always happy to facebook-friend almost anyone. If I re-emerge into blogging later, it'll be a bit less amorphous and scattershot, tho' those qualities have been some of my favorite here at the inbetween.

I've catalogued some favorite oldies to the right. Thanks for making this experience so rewarding!