The Cracks Let the Light In

The Cracks Let the Light In, originally uploaded by redbaerd.

The day after Garry was admitted to the hospital for the last time, I ended up driving back to Canton by myself in the middle of the night to pick up a change of clothes for everyone, to do a little last minute grading and then return early the next morning.

I was on the road as the sun was rising and I took the back roads because my prone-to-car-sickness family wasn't with me. Though the sadness and heaviness of death and cancer hung like thick dark clouds all across the horizon, there were these beautiful wide patches of blue and every other color a good sunrise offers.

At the perfect moment, I came around a corner on 751 and saw a decrepit old church with the most remarkable light reflecting off its barely functional windows. Parker Palmer was talking on Speaking of Faith about courage and fear and brokenness and they played a clip of Elvis Costello song about cracks letting light in, and though the day felt heavy, the beauty around me felt like a kind of unexpected and unmerited hopefulness.


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alyssa said...

i wish i had the gumption, the appreciation, the spunk to stop and snap pictures of things that are beautiful.

i wish i could say that in lieu of taking pictures, I take the time to look and appreciate longer--but that is unfortunately also not true.

i admire/respect that (amongst many other things) in you.