The Stables Is Back

It delights me to title a post with apparently bad grammar like that.

Seriously though.

I had lunch with my friend Dan today at The Stables here in Canton, and for those of you who are from here -- you know that sounds like a crazy and awful experience, because The Stables has long been the coolest looking, most horrible eating restaurant in town. It really is an old stables (for you out of town readers, who I've never taken there when you've visited, *because* I like you so much and wouldn't do that), transformed into a football themed restaurant (remember, Canton is the home not only of the Football Hall of Fame, but the very cradle out of which Professional Football emerged -- two facts that give my life meaning), with very cool light and amazing tables organized in a really cool circular pattern. But the food. Ugh.

Until Now!

The food is being managed by a new group -- they've been running the restaurant in the McKinley Place for a long time, and they have amazing burgers and salads and maybe more.

And no one was there for lunch.

You should go.

We should go.

(and if you're out of town...) You should come here and we should go.

And I'll try to focus on you not the food, unlike my photo above. But really? Isn't it better if we can do both? Have great food and a good time...?

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Jackie said...

Well, that covers three things I really love in one: stables, football, and good food. I'm sensing a lunch date sometime in the (hopefully) near future...