Searching For Treasure

As a family field trip experience yesterday, we went to the thrift store together. Don't get too "Aw Shucks! When times get tough, the Rudds tighten their belts as a *family*."

We've always been pretty into the thrifting scene.

Jaelyn's affinity for all things sparkly or leopard-print,

Addison's borderline OCD collector's instinct,

my absurd addiction to ties and suitcoats pre-dating 1972,

and Lynn's longsuffering generosity..

...make thrifting a perfect hobby.

But yesterday, the point was to purge: we took five garbage bags full of old sweaters, coats, pants, sweatshirts, shirts, toys and books.

And only came back with:

a suitcoat that fits Addison -- along with two skinny clip-on ties,

a pink dramatic shawl for Jaelyn,

a cordial that reminds Jaelyn of Lucy (of Narnian fame),

three ties and one sweater for me,

a sweater and a skirt for Lynn (a coup!),

and 6 old 45s to hang on Addison's walls beside the new piece of sculpture that he recently bought (seriously - he actually used allowance and Christmas money to buy original art: I couldn't be prouder.).

I'm not sure if the trip was a success or not (more stuff? less stuff?), but we had a good hour and a half of fun treasure hunting.


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I wanna go!! One of my favorite pastimes....glad you had a fun family day....perfect!