Just To Clarify

Though I feared it as a child after the uber scary Walton's Mountain episode...

none of the houses that this author has ever lived in, have ever caught fire.

Three of the houses lived in by our narrating character from the last two stories on this blog, did, however catch on fire. One burning a substantial enough hole through portions of the living room that social services actually stepped in and removed our beloved narrator from the home for a period of two months while his parents swam through pools of bureaucratic process.

Which leads me to two observations:

1. Isn't it something how deceitful his voice is? Slipping into and far away from the first person for those two stories? But perhaps he has something up his sleeve! (I argue back.) Perhaps he is trying to make that point!

2. Bureaucratic is (ironically) one of the hardest words for me to remember how to spell. I find this ironic for two reasons -- (a.) I don't find "bureau" hard to spell at all, & (b.) I'm constantly ranting about bureaucratic process.

(and no, (a.) & (b.) have nothing to do with each other or our narrating main character.

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Daniel Rudd said...

sometimes, i think that if i ever mmet your main narrating character in a dark ally, I'm going pull on his ear very hard.