Regret - Reconsider - Rinse - Repeat

I was not the sort of child who ever faked an illness to stay home from school. Despite my natural inclination to ignore the lines of coloring books and the perforated lines for cutting, I was basically a rule-follower.

Some of you who know me now, know that I have a more trouble-making-reputation as an adult. Sometimes I regret how lock-step I was in my youth. Maybe if I would have sowed a few more wild oats then, I'd be less predisposed to be such a rebel now. Or maybe I'd live in some commune where my nonconformity would cause a little less trouble.

Regrets aside, I found out today, about two hours into the day that neither of my children are made of exactly the same fiber. They *both* were allowed to stay home today because of their sickness. Trust me, their health was questioned and examined carefully. Two hours in, though, it was clear that I had been had. No one *really* needed a sick day.

I don't know if I should feel relieved or unnerved. Hmmm.

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