A Few of My Favorite Things (right now)

Long couch conversations with my unendingly bright, curious, reflective, surprising partner, Lynn,

Making and eating Avacado Chicken -- mmm. You wouldn't believe. I should post the recipe...

Swimming a mile most mornings,

Being in rooms full of colleagues where we celebrate our collective identity,

Watching my daughter giggle - it's really a whole-body, infectious, other-celebrating event,

Being in rooms full of artists where people help each other develop creative projects,

Watching my son compete in races and games, so wholeheartedly that the Universe seems ready to burst open at the seam of his enthusiasm, and then - inexplicably he'll glance at me for approval,

(no! I want to say to him! My approval could never match the zone you've found for yourself! Where you are right now! But instead I nod vigorously and smile at him...)

Easter Sunday with a tribe of loving, hilarious, available friends,

Being a famous filmmaker, (J & A keep *insisting* that I'm on the verge of fame because of the festivals. I keep telling them that Fame is not a worthy mistress to court. Only not in those words.) Still. Being famous rocks.

Coffee. Silence. Morning. Blogging.

Walks in the cemetery to celebrate the arrival of Spring,

Working with students who are achieving impressive milestones - short films, theses, awards & unique opportunities,

Watching amazing films from around the world, (just scrolling through the last month on my movie blog gives me a happy-hot-ear-movie-buzz)

Engaging in an intense-semester-long conversation with Jay about History and the American Dream and Film,

Suitcoats (some things never change),

Friends and family who randomly call or write and punctuate my day unexpectedly with their voice/love/grace....

I'm a lucky guy


Nick B said...

here is my voice/love/grace. you are good.

Margaret Krumm said...

Andrew, I'm getting married in 105 days, and I am excited and terrified. So I take great comfort when I read things like "Long couch conversations with my unendingly bright, curious, reflective, surprising partner, Lynn". Long conversations?! Unending positive qualities?!

Thank you thank you.

Margaret said...

Oh and yes, that recipe does sound mighty good.