Have you ever called your brother to ask him a question, but when he didn't answer, decided to call your other brother or say, for instance, your sister? And when none of them answered you thought -- hmmm -- is there some kind of family event I didn't get invited to or something?

But then you didn't really give it a second thought until you called your friend who you worked with to find out an answer about this thing you brought home to work on, but didn't really want to work on it *or* talk about it, just kind of feeling chatty? And then when she didn't answer you decided instead to call your friend in California who you've been meaning to call, but just haven't had the time? And when he didn't answer, thought you may as well go ahead and call back that guy with that question who's been on your to-call list for, like, two weeks?

And then out of frustration tried your college suite-mate who said he was going to call you sometime, then your mother-in-law, your next-door-neighbor, and then that student who you suspect may have your Slacker DVD but you didn't think you'd really ever bother to bring it up?

And NOBODY answers the phone?

Has that ever happened to you?

Yeah, no, me neither, but I just thought. Wow. Wouldn't that be wierd if that happened? Wouldn't you sort of wonder if they were all together in some middle state like Indiana or Nebraska together or something. Talking about you.

Just hypothetically.

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