Look What Addison Made...

Okay, the two of us collaborated on it a little bit, but he shot the photo. My idea was just the close up shot, but his far more interesting choice to include a kind of panoramic shot of the mise en scene ended up winning me over once I saw what he was trying to do.

I am referring to the new header. (A reference that may, I am aware, be lost on anthropologists in 2406, carefully combing through these blog posts looking for hints and allegations as to the meaning of the strange and barbarous times we live in.) Addison helmed the camera for this project as we waited for Jaelyn's spanish class to be done.


Anonymous said...

Very cool sons~~~~ I love you both!!

Kate Rudd said...

a- MA-zing, Addison!!! I have fallen completely in love with this shot and demand that you skip school next week, come back to Michigan, and photograph everything you see.

OK. I guess we'll wait until your next planned visit..but I'm very serious about hoping to see more of your camera work soon. :)

alyssa said...

a little egocentric, are we?


Awesome new header. Great concept, great contrast, great composition.

should you ever release an indie album, this must be part of the cover art.