The Real Life Doldrums of Space Travel

Dreamed I was aboard the new Enterprise last night -- with the fresh faced young crew that I haven't actually met at the cineplex, yet. (I know my tardiness lowers my trekkie status a bit. Which I'm sure will disappoint one segment of my readership and hearten another.)

As I walked around the halls with Spock, we were chatting about the difference between being in a star trek movie or television show and actually travelling aboard the enterprise.

Turns out that the reality of everyday life in the starfleet is a lot of boring measurements and technical commands and waiting and watercooler banter. Not even that much high drama amongst the crew. People are actually quite professional with one another. And frankly? They're mostly bored.

That was Spock's version at least. And from my observations it seemed right on.

I purposed in my heart that *THIS* would be the making of a good short film. To show people how life aboard the enterprise ACTUALLY is. Dull and normal. Just like our petty little bureaucracies in cubicles and crapped out offices.

That's the sort of TRUTH that film should be showing. I thought passionately in my dream. As I wandered the labyrinthian halls of the Enterprise with Spock.

I'm not totally sure that this will be my next short film project yet, but I know that the waking hours have only increased my enthusiasm for this brilliant idea. It's a sure crowd-pleaser.


Adam said...

I actually had a similar idea for a sitcom a few years ago. It was going to center around the accountants and administrative assistants of a spacecraft in the year 2523. Mostly you would never notice they were on a ship or in the future other then the occasional mention of a P-346 Tafon Modulator or the double shot of zepton sledge in your wortho berry soup. Or I thought about just putting the word space in front of nouns. Can you pass me the space stapler? I need to record something in my space daily planner. Or everyone just eats Dippin' Dots for three meals a day. You get the idea.

Christopher said...

The film would end just as they were called to the bridge in an emergency. Or perhaps just as they sat down and began to talk about that one time there was an emergency.

Also, any mention of a P-346 Tafon Modulator wouldn't be in reference to how a gifted techie could, in a pinch, rewire it to detect subspace tachyon bursts, but instead what a crime the new customs tax on modulators is between the Alao and Trapani sectors.

Kathleen said...

I hear what you're saying - and have totally thought of a day in the life too - not of star trek per say - but just anything in detail. Trouble is - mine always end up boring the crap out of me.....Keep us posted if you figure out how to do it interestingly!