Leaving for MD for the film festival later this morning.

Still have 20 (ish) papers to grade.

Birds are singing outdoors right now even louder than the traffic from our dangblasted road.

Yes, someone needs to bring "Dangblasted" back into the common vernacular.

My dad saw a wolf at the cottage yesterday. This is causing quite a stir amongst the young in my pack.

Lynn finished grad school three days ago.

The "Deathly Hallows" soccer team I'm coaching bounced back from our 0-10 defeat two weeks ago to a much more respectable 1-4 defeat this past Saturday.

Yes, my Harry Potter obsessed children are responsible for the team name, selected by the will of the people.

Got a haircut yesterday.

Someone just fell out of bed upstairs.

Is it just me or did this blog just take a distinct turn toward the banal.

Have sat through 14 hiring interviews in the past two weeks for Dean and Faculty positions.

Am teaching my first online course (shudder) starting on Monday.

Am not exactly completely ready yet.

Hope your swirl is inflected by peace..


Morisey said...

Talk the kids into changing the name to "The Deathsticks"--that sounds much more intimidating and will freak out some parents as well.

Anonymous said...

When I read the title ... Swirl, I was expecting something about White Trash Swim Clubs. Oh well, my hopes are dashed again ... like the hopes of some white trash kid who thinks he'll ever get to swim in a real pool some day.