David Bazan has a New Album

I'm a mostly rhetorical creature, so I can usually restrain my blog speech to audience-relevant discourse.  When it comes to my favorite singer, David Bazan, I am not so restrained.  I love this dude's music. 

So he has a new album that's hitting stores on Monday, but mine came in the mail today.  

There's so much to love about the music.  Such honest, gut-wrenching lyrics.  I almost feel like I can't bear to listen to how true and hurtful some of it is.  

So if you bounce over to my multilevelrelationship.com site -- you'll see that the COLOR of the lettering that this new album employs is quite similar to the color on the blog. 

The font, of course, is an old favorite of mine, Helvetica. 

The picture on the cover bears some resemblance to my old blog profile photo: 

I'm not saying that David Bazan has cribbed anything from my web identity, but a lot of times it does feel like he has a spooky prophetic viewfinder connected to my consciousness.  

So...thanks, David.  For putting words and music into the world that helps me map my surrounding, get my bearings again.

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