What's Now; What's Next

There's about a hundred beginnings during these coupla' weeks round here.

The kids & Lynn returned to school this past week. Mostly rave reviews; a few minor bumps.

I start classes this morning and Lynn begins grad school again at full speed ahead.

While I have a little bit of trepidation about the chaos that is coming -- it is a carefully organized and deliberate chaos.

The white spaces in my calendar during the summer and the school year mean roughly the same thing: get everything else done in this space. But white spaces in the summer are so wide and floaty and interpenetrated by the loose delightful white spaces of those I love, that eventually the indeterminacy (in tension with the nagging sense that there is so much to do!) becomes overwhelming.

The difficult thing is -- treasuring what is now -- and not allowing yourself to look too longingly toward the next.

Hope you find some peace with your now, too.

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