Who's Excited About A New Blog Post!?

The bleachers at the north end of the Main Street Festival felt like the anticlimactic end to a tired series of greasy food vendors, but the promised exhibition of ballroom dancing seemed like an event that might make the disappointment-tinged foray worthwhile. 

She welcomed with a "How you guys doin!?" 

followed with a "Who's excited about ballroom dancing!?"

and then more "Let me hear who's pumped!?"

The bleacher crowd sounded about like the rest of Main Street Festival.  I tried to muster a sympathetic smile when her manic, desperate smile-plastered gaze swept in my direction.  I couldn't muster the whoop! or the Yeah! that she wanted, but I felt bad for her. She seemed to speaking a language that everyone recognized but whose artifice felt too forced here on the bleachers at the North End of Main Street, the abandoned Hoover Plant looming behind our backs. 

Game show hosts, Used Car Salesmen, Cheerleaders, Informercial Entrepeneurs, Youth Pastors,  College Presidents.  

The world feels just slightly overcrowded with a language desperate to Pump. Us. Up. 

Is there already a name for this phenomenon? Hypespeak? An inflection of the voice so promotionally optimistic that it seems naive at best, delusional at worst?


Anonymous said...

That is the type of negative rhetoric that keeps people like me, college presidents, who moonlight as ball room dance instructor/exhibitionist, from reaching for the stars.

Lighten up nancy negative!

Really. Angry. Friend.

Redbaerd said...


What a cryptic comment. Maybe it's funny? Maybe it's angry? Ouch, the difficulty of deciding on meanings without context cues!

Which is why there's a rule on this blog about anonymous posts. I don't allow 'em. They just don't make sense to me.

So -- college president who moonlights as a...???...I don't really follow that bit.

Feel free to re-post your comment with an attribution of your identity, and I'll leave 'er up. Otherwise both of our comments will disappear tomorrow...

Really. Confused. Author.

Ang said...

WOOHOO!!! for a new blog post. I'm super. pumped. up.

Okay. I'm not actually outwardly cheering...though in a different life I was sort of a natural at this sort of thing..

But I do love this post.
I wish I could have been there with you.

And I think you should leave the anonymous post up.
It's pretty funny.
But it wasn't me.

Redbaerd said...

Alright, using my super-sleuthing surveillance technologies, and some long term relational cues, I have decided that anonymous did eave enough markers for me to guess at identity.

And Ang, I agree, I think it's pretty funny now too.

Because I can only hope that anonymous was actually inflecting his (talented) voice with the very hypespeak of which I write.

If you think about it -- one of the three words has to be amped up on hypespeak in order to work together on a blog comment.

Stay tuned, readers, who knows what new drama lurks...in the comments...

Daniel Rudd said...

"nancy negative"

joeldaniel said...

i'm not happy about being clumped in with cheerleaders & college presidents.

i'm gonna go sulk in the corner and figure out why i could think of too many examples that reinforce your clumping of me.