Waving Like That Guy.

I wish my life was like that guy's. So lucky to be out on his friend's (parents) boat on a beautiful day. So lucky to have friends (like Connie) who, to celebrate her birthday, gives a beautiful, amazing day in a glorious place to her friends. That guy is watching his daughter giggle with delight as she skims along the waves behind the boat. That guy has just seen a pontoon boat full of many of his friends putzing around the lake and feels so happy to sharing all the worlds beauty with people he enjoys so much.

You know how you feel that little bit of envy when you see pictures in magazines of the things that would really and truly make you happy. No really truly. Like mid century modern homes that have been updated and cleaned, all spare and pristine? Or an unexpected Inn in a small but *so charming* European town where you're just lucky enough to be vacationing? Or that rugged kayaker who has the whole northern lake to himself as he moves through the silence and splendour of solitude? You know that feeling? Those pictures?

Well when my friend Bob sent me this picture of my boat ride today with my friend Tom at my friend Connie's party, I has a twinge of that feeling.

That Guy. (I said to myself) Is So Lucky.

This guy? Just keeps grading papers....

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