When You'll Do Anything To Get What You Want.

Emma T. arrived at school this week with a necklace on that a small bottle on it. Inside the bottle was a very small, very carefully folded piece of paper. Addison and Ethan had to know what was on that piece of paper. Emma T. wouldn't tell.

"Please!" said Ethan we'll do whatever you tell us to if you'll just show us the piece of paper.

"Whatever?" asked Emma T.

"Anything." the boys agreed.

She let them read the note. It said "Best Friend" and it was from her best friend.

"AWWW." said the boys, pretty disappointed by the reveal.

Even more disappointing? Addison's payment was to do the chicken dance in public at recess. By the time the moment came, Addison recounted, his entire class, the other 1 - 3 class, pretty much the whole school was standing at the foot of the snow mound to watch him make a fool of himself

(cue the music...) Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bum, Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bum. Ba-da-da-da...


Ang said...

I'm trying hard not to laugh really loud....since Sophie is sleeping.

Did Addison have to do the dance alone? or was Ethan's payment the same?

JermaineOscar said...


Kate Rudd said...

I really like that he kept his word.