A Letter to Myself in the Past:

The older you get the more ambivalent you become.

Everything you want is counterbalanced by costs and consequences and long-term thinking.

Everything you work toward is besotted by immediate and pressing concerns.

If you choose something out of passion, you'll regret the long-term implications.

If you choose something out of a clear, missional sense of the big picture, you'll regret your eroding sense of passion and excitement.

The good news is that regret and satisfaction can coexist harmoniously like a delicious dish whose bitterness is unmitigated by its richness, and vice versa.

Am I saying that eventually you develop a taste for regret? Maybe. That's a question that I should pose in a letter to future-self, though. I still don't like the taste.

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Ang said...

Since I like to think that I'm a lot like you in many ways (wishful thinking maybe)...and since I am twelve years behind you, I'm grateful for this letter. It seems just right for my present self.

Love you. Thinking about you this week, wishing we were close to celebrate better.