Editing and Life

Here's a shot of my desktop. I'm editing a little film that my brother and I shot two years ago. The actors are amazing, which makes the task of editing much more delightful. In the world of editing, you relive every gesture, every line, every movement hundreds of times. Over and over. It's a cypher -- trying to fit it all together -- but it becomes a larger existential cypher trying to keep your head in this small repetitive world while you're constantly bouncing around in an exterior world full of demands, problems, possibilities and alternatives. Then back into the editing for an hour. Two hours. Bizarre. Surreal. Good.

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alyssa said...

I always dread the editing process, but feel strangely excited in the midst of it. I think that the small, repetitive world also appeals to me because of its own realm of demands, problems, possibilities and alternatives.

Though your timeline looks extremely dreadful.

(not the film itself. please take no offense. i just meant the way you've organized your clips in the timeline. just because i edit in a different way. you get it.)