The Post In Which I Confess My Understanding of How Professors Become A******s, and, Potentially My Own Acceptance of That Fate

I have a quiz in a few minutes that will begin World Cinema class. They watched Chungking Express. I'm trying to get emotionally ready for what I know the response will be. Experience, thus far, has been that the overwhelming response is:

"What was that!?!"


"I have no idea what just happened!"


"Did that policeman change into someone else? "

So as I compose the quiz, I thought about trying to set the tone a little more forcefully. How about these questions:

1. Why is this the best movie ever?

2. Why does your teacher believe that these visuals supercede almost any other movie that he's ever seen?

3. Why are you lucky that you were allowed and invited to watch this movie by your teacher?

4. Why is anyone who doesn't "get" this movie stupid?

5. Give three reasons why your teacher's opinions are better than yours.

I'd give this quiz, but it would be hard to grade. And probably too familiar to most of the students:

"What!? I just had this quiz in my 8 a.m. class!"


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be said...

I'm in this class... I have nothing else to say. Although after reading this blog I just asking, "What did I just read? What the hell was that?"