My brother is constantly making resolutions about what he's not going to do and what he's going to -- and sending them to the appropriate people who "need to know."

I want to tell him that New Years is supposed to be the only time we resolve to change....but I admire his random explosive ambition so much that instead? I'm joining him.

Publicly, here on this blog, (ridiculously, since I know that this is for *me* not for my readership) I'm going to renounce that kind of blogging that I built this blog on -- slow, ruminating, gestative, public considerations of mundane, meandering perambulations.

I have three such posts halfway done right now. BUT I'm not getting some other projects done. Projects I love. Projects I'm committed to. So.....

I may be posting brief, just-longer-than-twitteresque, life updates. I may post project updates. But -- for the next year -- no long, considerate essayistic postings on the inbetween. Those will come later.

I still love you, audience, maybe too much. May your surprises, successes and genius -- match the resolve I feel right now....


Kate Rudd said...



..may the brothers Rudd find success in all matters worthy of their resolve..

alyssa said...

For the next *year*?! Hmmm... I'm rather ambivalent about this resolution, considering my chances of staying updated on your life over the next year dwindle as I leave the Malone sphere that has so precariously shaped our friendship.

Maybe just one or two gestative considerations of meandering preambulations?