A Letter That Just Arrived From Self In The Past

I hope you're having as nice a day as you were when you wrote this. Beautiful sunshine. The taste of Ros Ice Cream still in your mouth. The anticipation of seeing two great films tomorrow at the film fest. Gratefulness for all the creativity and relationships in your life.

I have a few things I'd like to suggest. Say no to three things in the next week, because saying no to some things is one way of saying YES! to others. I guess you could just stay quiet instead of saying no, and then smile and walk away. You'd get a reputation of being a wierdo, but you'd get to stay more focused on the Yes in that case.

And after you've said three no's. Be SURE to actually filter that YES energy toward the things you believe in. Toward the things you want to say YES to.

(sorry about the dangling preposition.)

(you did used to care about dangling prepositions just as much back then as you do now.)

(but not sorry about the multiple parenthetical rabbit trails. that's just how you used to roll.)

Because the thing is -- even though I want to just get over my/your problem of saying yes to too much and not enough no's? I am starting to realize that we can only hope to manage our flaws. Not change them. So I just thought I'd write you a letter and say so.

(I'm scheduling a repost of this post for next year sometime, so stay tuned for part 2.)

(and thanks to Keri Smith (and her list of 100 ideas) for this good idea. it's number two on the list.)

(and thanks to Deanna D. for introducing me to Keri.)

(and thanks readers, for reading this letter which really maybe I should have just posted on my own personal blog to and for myself that no one else reads. and that I usually call a journal.)


Your Self In The Past

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