On Fathers Day

Here’s one of the hundreds of pictures I have that includes me and my father.

I know that that fact alone makes me one of the luckiest men alive in America, but there are other things about this picture that I love too.

I’m skipping stones for one thing, a favorite family activity that my dad taught me how to do. And you can see in my dad’s expression (at least) two things that have always been true:

1.) He’s totally invested in my success – he’s watching with his whole heart and hoping (I know, because of my life history) that this will be another moment where I live up to my potential. Too many people in the world have a father who watched them expecting something different than what they have to give; this was never the case with my dad. He wanted to see me succeed where I could succeed and he celebrated that success wherever and whatever that was.

2.) He’s right there down on the rocky shore with us. My dad has always been WITH his kids in whatever they’re doing. From wrestling on the floor with us to being a spectator at our events to taking us on breakfast dates as kids to spending hours with us fixing, building or changing.

Thank you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

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alyssa said...

1) you get spammed a lot.
2) that picture is AWESOME and looks like it could be an album cover.
3) great post. i'm grateful for you (i meant that empathically, but i'm also grateful for you as a person), and also a little envious.