With Summer Comes....Hope?

I think just the return of a bit more margin in my personal life (and in my family life, and in my professional life) engenders a bit more hopefulness. The older I get, the more i wonder if hope isn't just a factor of good sleep + reasonably good food + good exercise. Or actually? Now that I type that, I realize that middle age has helped me realize that the inverse is invariably true: bad sleep, (or) bad eating, (or) no exercise *do* lead to hopelessness.

But I was reading the newsletter for the Center for Digital Storytelling, which, as some of you know, is an organization that I have long admired, and I read these words about the mission that they share with another non-profit organization. It is a mission that parallels the mission of reelate, which I shall be blogging about a bit more this summer.

Their mission --

In some ways it seems too idealistic. Too much of a stretch to pin our excessive desires to mainstream media -- and pin our hope to "surfacing the stories of ordinary people."

But I was lucky enough, last week to spend a little more than an hour with my friend Mark, recording some of his stories. I had forgotten how sacred, deep and real it is to listen to one another's stories. So this summer, I got a little grant to work on reelate, and the connection between story and summer does feel pretty full of hope...

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