Enjoying Vacation....

Just finished our time in the Upper Peninsula. Was lucky to spend great time with my good good friends Dave & Cliff and then the second half of the week with the family....(click on my flickr to the right to see pictures).

My whole life at the cottage, I've been looking out the front window at this idyllic scene -- if you're a longtime reader, you've no doubt seen several iterations of it. There's been a longtime lingering question I've considered as I wondered at the beauty....

The question is a little less *beauty* and a little more *conquest*, but....no one can be zen all the time.

My question was: Could I swim across this bay?

So this year? I did!

The swim wasn't as challenging as my morning laps -- far more beautiful and a great sense of accomplishment.

You can tell a little bit from the strange pattern of red dots curving to the right at the end of the swim that there was some confusion on the exit strategy. This confusion may or may not have led to me traipsing through a wildlife preserve and then jogging down the highway in only my swimming suit and goggles ... along with some mild family panic, but I'm not going to let that mild-exit-strategy-hiccup overwhelm my accomplishment.

Next year? I'm swimming the four mile channel.


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