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I saw this slogan painted on a bright yellow truck, blasting the beach boys at the car show spread across the lawn of the castle at the edge of Alliance, Ohio, while I was shooting "iconic" Stark County locations for part of my grant project. I'm not sure how many "car-show DJs" there are in Ohio, but I like this strategy of narrowing the field carefully in order to proclaim clear victory.

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alyssa said...

Today, my friend and I drove past Nicole's Restaurant in East Canton--the family diner that displays its title in blazoned pink neon lights (this is very flashy for our Podunk little town). The sign out front has just changed to read, "Home of the original hornet and wizard burger." This is understandable enough for the citizens of EC, thought might cause confusion to outsiders. See, the Hornets are the HS mascot *most* of the time--the exception being the girls' basketball team, which goes as Wizards. Because we live in Osnaburg Township, making them the Wizards of Oz...(s)naburg.

The conversation that resulted was:
Friend, "Have you tried the 'wizard and hornet burger'?"
Me, "Nope."
Friend, "Me neither. I think the last time I was at Nicole's was one of our NHS meetings."
Me, "I was going to meet my dad there tomorrow, but now we're going somewhere else. Otherwise I could've told you how the wizard and hornet burger was. The *Original* wizard and hornet burger, I mean."
Friend, "I was about to ask you which one you meant."