Testing the Boundaries of Politeness

my friend Gary sent me this sign, which is almost too great for analysis, and the gift prompted a great phone call, in which we chatted about things both mundane and significant, but forgot to talk about where he got the sign.

I kind of appreciate it's message in a bottle quality though. Just trying to imagine where the shake machine might be...or *what* the shake machine might be (after, all bleeding and vomiting seem connected to the shake machine...

But as I was saying....about boundaries....there is a tension here -- polite company asks us to use words like "please" and "thank you", herein the sign is a big success. But the same societal norms also suggests that we refrain from using words like "bleed" and "vomit" (especially paired) together in public settings. An intriguing tension held together in this institutional totem.

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Adam Klemann said...

I've got to guess weight room or gym. Probably a guys weight room, gym, or locker room. :-) keep them coming.

Those are the few places I can think of that vomit, bleeding, and politeness can go together.