Things That I Miss

1. Sitting under that huge bush next to the house on the corner of Main Street. The people who lived in that house were old and not very nice and probably didn't like us, but we were convinced that they had no idea that we were sitting under that massive, never been trimmed bush, right up against the front corner of their house. We had club meetings there and left our bikes parked in front of the house next door, on the sidewalk, so they wouldn't suspect that the neighborhood kids were meeting under the bushes at THEIR house.

2. Bus trips with a choir full of very secretively rebellious teenagers who sang fundamentalist anthems at revival services by night and spent the days looking for opportunities to drink, smoke, listen to rock and roll, and participate in B/Js at the back of the bus. I just thought it was cool to hang out with teenagers. I was only 13 and shocked by everything, but happy to find out that I wasn't the only one who wasn't shiny and happy through and through -- like our performances made us look.

3. The long car trip, when I was 12? or 14? when we went to Mammoth Caves and Tom Sawyer's House in one amazing trip. And the backback of the station wagon with the amazing forts we made out of suitcases, pillows and blankets.

4. Taking long walks through Salzburg and London and Paris with Lynn. No destination, just hours of wandering and wonders. Peacocks and street fairs. Mozart and operas. Baguettes and brie. It was a moveable feast.

5. Two Sundays ago when we spent the afternoon hiking through a mammoth gorge where we could sneak together through crevices, our children first, yelling back that mom and I would never fit through THIS one, and being astonished when we did. Scrambling up hills and into caves and jumping like parkour athletes from stone to path to rock to fallen tree.

6. The Sushi I had for dinner tonight.

7. That great feeling of a blank blogger box just waiting to be filled with a post.

The world is just zipping by! Slow down! You're too beautiful, world!

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