Triple Whammy

1. I have always loved motels (as opposed to hotels...so modest in scope...so familiar and personal),

2. I wouldn't be surprised if the neon tubes of (no) vacancy on my grandparent's motel wasn't the source of my great love for all signs of the 50s and 60s (see my sign blog for proof), and

3. Faded glory in all its (never waning) manifestations just hits all my aesthetic chords in just the right way,

....so when I walked past this luminous exemplar of so many favorite things in downtown Burlington, Vermont during the waning weeks of my summer? I had to snap some photos.

It was that, or try to work it into Maria's: Sound of Music: Favorite Things. Which, had its appeal, what with the Von Trapps settling in Vermont and all, but in the end? The rhyme schemes were too complex.

And the picture seemed great enough.

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