What Does It Take To Foster Political Engagement?

I snapped this polite paper sign in Boston, while we were walking in the North End of Boston. Since my general hypotheses are about the way that polite paper signs reflect organizational culture in the places where they exist...I had to really broaden my theoretical framework to interpret this one.

On the other hand, it makes sense that people have a strong sense of civic voice in Boston -- arguably the cradle of American dissent / participation.

I really appreciate about this sign all the effort that went into it. Even if the sign maker was quite proficient in creating documents, it took a minimum of 15 minutes to login to the computer, open the program, layout the sign, and print the sign. Then there was the forethought to bring packing tape and the sign while one ran down to the corner store to get milk? Or maybe made a separate and special trip just to put up the sign?

I wish, for our signmakers sake, that I could shake the vision of soiled shoe-sole motivating their urge to public democracy....

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chewingwords said...

This sign took me immediately to Italy, where the polite paper commands remains unheard and where dog poop ABOUNDS, at least in Firenze. It made me wonder what the Italians would do if suddenly these dog poop decrees began showing up on the walls of the Battistero and Accademia, like some secret dog poop police, a modern day and lesser Savonarola.