Writing About the Planimetric Shot.....

For those of you who spend a part of each waking day wondering what I'm up to? (Mom? Dad?) This is what I'm doing right now: writing about the planimetric shot.

I've been a longtime fan of Wes Anderson. His use of the planimetric shot, is, in my mind, central to his formal strategy: to represent the world(s) as (a) collection(s) of unusually delightful esoteria, well beloved by its curator. And I, unlike his detractors, believe that this formal strategy is profoundly tied to one of his central thematic concerns (quoting Max Fisher now): "Find something you love and do it for the rest of your life."

So when I encounter his planimetric shot, I delight in it just as much as I delight in the framed butterfly collections I bought my children before they were old enough to appreciate them:

I'm thinking about Wes and planimetric thoughts, because I'm also finishing up a paper that I need to include in my portfolio for promotion to Full Professor this next week. In it I'll be making a brief point about why I've chosen to employ planimetric shots in my film Multilevel Relationship:

Which I will not make here....but I will say, I'm getting pretty excited because not only is Multilevel Relationship about to have a web release, but we have a rough cut of Stick in the Mud! And I'm only two shooting days away from a wrap of the micro - documentary I'm working on right now. Whew. I feel exhausted just typing all that.

Seriously, though, you should read about planimetric shots. They're cool.

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Great post Andrew