A Generally Impressive Guy

I had to turn in my promotion portfolio yesterday so I've been spending the last week hard at work tweaking this long long long long report, the summation of which implies:

"I am amazing. Keep me around forever. And pay me more."

It is a strange, strange document to work on. In order to maintain one's credibility, one must retain a voice characterized by humility, moderation and rationality. On the flip side, the whole point of the document is to clarify that you are, all things considered, amazing.

I'm happy to have a draft finished, and I'd pause to celebrate my own greatness, it's only that the proclamation of my greatness has gotten me a bit behind in grading papers. Which, I guess, threatens my greatness if left undone, so...back to grading I go....


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Ang said...

I'd like to see this document. Already knowing that you are amazing (and humble and rational), I'd like to read about the other amazing things about you that are beyond my knowledge :)