Today, I Wanna Be....

A Documentary Filmmaker.

I spent most of the workday today at Anderson Creative Gallery in downtown Canton. It was delightful. I grabbed a Muggswigz coffee before, sat at a fifties table from this exhibit and plowed through my inbox, my to-do list and a stack of papers.

Well, "plowed through" makes it sound like I finished. And I didn't.

But every once in a while, my work would be interrupted by my friend Craig, who, from the next room would call: (awkwardly, ridiculously) "Dr. Rudd?" and I would emerge into the gallery's main space and start shooting a sequence of ritualized movements performed by the subjects of my next documentary films.

This particular project is intentionally awkward and strange at this point (I'll say more on this later) but even the snatches of storiedness, the differences in the ways these folks stood and sat and talked -- feel like a universe of possibility and value.

My History and Theory of Film class watched Errol Morris' THIN BLUE LINE for Wednesday's class, and I'm almost finishing working my way through the 7UP series (for the first time!), and I've been feeling overwhelmed by the power and the sacredness of people's stories -- and recording them with a camera.

So the fact that today I am something of a documentary filmmaker and someone who wants to be a documentary filmmaker when he grows up....seems really great.

(especially in light of the fact that last night, while Lynn and I dined at the new Thai restaurant on 30th? I told her that I thought I probably wanted to be a restauranteur....)

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