Average Day: No Perceptible Crises on the Radar (...maybe?)

My mom and dad came down and took Jaelyn out to a birthday lunch at our favorite El Rincon; later I got to go to Mulligans for a very delightful steak dinner (sorry vegan friends!).

Otherwise the day was enormously full of radically varied ongoing work ranging across - calling funeral homes to find a casket for a student film, advising students about the pros and cons of taking History and Politics of East Asia next semester, wading through intense discussions about future vision and curricular constraints with my capable and committed faculty peers, sorting endless papers through endless folders and piles, building infrastructure for receiving assignments online and responding to them effectively, moving into the next perceptions documentary, while still deciding on tweaks to the last one -- it seems obvious why people have midlife crises -- there are perpetually so many open-ended, on-going projects, demands and issues that any minor crisis in two of them may well overload the system and create a meltdown.

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