A Mix

I had to snap this photo when I saw what was in Craig's bowl as he slid into my car and out of the rain so we could race up to Akron to catch my friend / student Christopher in the touring broadway Spring Awakening; it's mostaccioli, sausage, peppers, tomatoes, pepperoni and (get this) cucumbers and square pretzels.

I think it captured my attention because it was such a good metaphor for what the day was like: a surprising and unusual bunch of conversations erupted at the Canton Classic Car Museum where I was shooting a historical re-enactment sequence for THREE GENERATIONS with my friend / actress Bethany; hasty birthday and dinner preparations at home; off to a adrenaline rockin musical cautioning me that perhaps...perhaps the fact that I found myself actually empathizing with some of the caricatured authority figures at the periphery of the story...means that I'm becoming a little *too* middle aged & bureaucratized -- a good day: a mix.

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