Same old same old.

What kind of Day Was It? The kind of day where one of your children's teacher's implies that you are inaccessible and your child is sub-par over a telephone message while you are in a meeting trying to convince a failing advisee that their blithe plan to "just read more!" (said, cheerily, with a shrug) will not reverse their failing midterm grade. It was the kind of day where great old friends arrive to eat a few jellybeans, tell the story of two years of life, and then disapparate as if they were just a dream, just in time for one of your children to recognize that they had left the book that they had to, absolutely had to return to their classroom at your office. The kind of day when said child then shrugs over the phone and suggests the babysitters car? when you call from the office to say that no, said book is not there. Nor is it in the babysitters car, which is parked outside the library while she coaches you through the parking lot to find it and then to comb through her back seat looking for it. The kind of day when AFTER you've chopped up the green onions for chaing mai noodles and opened the canned coconut milk, you discover you already used the box of chicken broth on Upper East Side Pasta. And so you bag up all the thai food and throw some hamburgers on the grill. The kind of day when you're delighted to collapse into bed and after realizing that one scene is about all you can watch of this movie, opt instead to let CIRCLE SLIDE by the choir lull you to sleep. That kind of day.

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