The Answer to How Are You?

It's Monday. I live in BFE Ohio.  It's rainy.  And I'm inexplicably super tired. 

So because it was "Fall Break" this past weekend?  Everyone I see asks questions like:

How was your weekend? (or)
How was your break? (or)
How's it going?

And I have a big problem with wanting to be honest in these innocent unimportant interactions.  I don't want to say Fine! or Great! when I feel like its Monday; I live in nowheresville; I'm middle aged; and it's Rainy.

The truth is the weekend was full of beautiful moments.  An anthropologically interesting outing to the local high school football game and an unexpected entanglement with a local relgious teenage tailgate.  (I brought beer.  I had the "wrong" idea about what kind of event I was coming to.)  A hilarious bowling outing with the kids.  A nice night out at a new bar with an old friend.  A revitalizing long run through woods, fields, industrial ruin and an interesting downwardly mobile neighborhood.  Ate some good food.  Laughed with my kids. Bought Halloween costumes.

But I don't FEEL like saying Fine! or Great! or Nice! when it's raining and I'm tired and I really need another cuppa (though I'm denying myself the pleasure.

It's quite a dilemma.

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