Things I am Grateful For:

1. I just got to spend a night with Over The Rhine.  I really love them.

2.  My sister.  And this recipe that she shared.  Moroccan Chicken Tangine.  In the Crockpot.  Mmmm.  You can't imagine.

(She's great quite apart from from her recipes too. More on that later.)

3. My partner.  I have heard so many unsolicited compliments about Lynn this week.  It's strange how suddenly a lot of other people recognize what you have known for awhile.  This woman is unusually able to live well in the face of an F'd up world.

4. Jellybeans.  The classic ones, not gourmet or specialty versions -- I hate those.  The downside? I'll probably eat the entire back in one sitting.

5.  Canadians.  I know there are exceptions, but generally it seems like they have a good vibe.   If given the choice, I know I'd rather be stuck in a cabin with a Canadian than any other nationality.  Wouldn't you?

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