A Little Bit Louder Now

I've always posited that polite paper signs say just as much about the social world where they emerge than they do about the specific requests that they articulate.  The more polite paper signs hanging everywhere?  The more participative the place.  The more polite the signs are?  The more cognizant the participants are about the delicacy that being part of a "public sphere" demands. 

This sign, hung at my workplace perfectly illustrates what I know to be true about the place.  People are very very polite and very participative. 

Apparently though....

...the first sign wasn't enough.  With a little less refinement and a little less polish, one can see that the message has been re-iterated.  Still in barely polite diction, but definitely with more force and insistence.

And...given what we know to be true of ripped corners from other signs in this series....aren't you just dying to know what that ripped off corner used to say?  Might have said?

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