Feeling Zen

The sunlight this saturday morning is shining off of the frost that blankets the low-mowed grass blades in the common area behind our house, reflecting against the frost wrapped branches of the wintry looking trees and melting the frost that has inverted the color of shingles from black to white, on every perfectly matched angle of every 1977 built house as far as I can see from the couch.  The light and the cold feel open and free to me now, as the kids sleep and Lynn I work on our projects in silence after a nice quiet chatty breakfast.  

I'm sipping coffee from the handmade coffee mug that Dave and Linda gave me for my 40th birthday and taking a break from responding to the really good writing that my students have done in this year's scriptwriting class.  Writing these moments down feels like it makes them more real.  More lasting.  I know that that feeling goes away once the moment ends, but for me at least writing is the way to lean into it.

I hope your day offers such zen moments and I hope you find whatever way you can to lean into it...

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