New Years Resolve

 It's the first day of classes -- which is like a New Year for we in the teacher set.  The sky is streaked with all kinds of beautiful clouds and sunrise colors.  A harvest moon was setting magnificently in the West as I dropped the kids off at school, and now I have the good fortune to be meeting a friend at starbucks for a business-related meeting.   Could there be a better way to start the semester?  (Yes, I agree, Muggswigz or another local coffee shop would be a baby step better, but still, given the constraints?  You have to agree that my life is filled with good fortune right now.)

I am a New Years Resolutions guy.  Except after years that have been full of disappointments, struggles and failures.  I'm happy to report that while last year had its share of disappointments, struggles and failures?  The successes, renewals, possibilities and happinesses far outweighed. 

So as a result?  I resolve (building on fortune to add more?).  

While there are a few resolutions that are better left off of a blog and put only in a private journal and shared with a few friends?  I'm increasingly convinced that the only way to really change your life is to a.) do it together with others, b.) find ways to align your new direction with some existing momentum already in progress c.) change it incrementally, making peace with failure, slow growth, and incremental success. 

Do I sound like a life coach?  I'm only saying things that I feel like I know to be true. Bearing Witness as it were.

So in the interest of (a.) doing it together with others: here's what I'm doing this year. Let me know if you're doing something similar so that we can do it together: 

1.) saying thank you at least once a day.  intentionally, memorably & formally. 

2.) journaling most days (often at 750words.com, but often just in my little books)

3.) NOT starting any new film production projects but YES finishing a few that have been languishing far too long. 

4.) under 185 pounds for 150 days. 

5.) watching more movies than last year, reading more books than last year, and having more conversations with friends than I did last year. 

Hope your resolve is strong, too whether or not this is your first day back in the new year.


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