Once Upon A Time

I love these pictures from the summer.  I was waiting with Lynn, Addison and Jaelyn at Russ's Restaurant in Muskegon, Michigan.  When I was a teenager, and we were broke and out late, we would sometimes go to Russ's, to the telendine room (you ordered with a telephone at your booth, which seemed, at the time, tres chic) and then we would pool the change that we had been able to scrounge from our pockets, car cup holders and occasionally a dollar bill or two.  Then we would order as many fried mushrooms and fried cheese sticks as we could afford, carefully then dividing them amongst us.  In my memory at least we were perfectly communist about it -- everyone got equal regardless our station in the economy of pocket-change-poor adolescence.

But I couldn't stop taking pictures of Lynn because she was looking hot -- carefree and summertime in the looseness of her hair and limbs.   And everything about her I love so there:  Practical purse, clothes that are flattering, stylish, yet not at all extravagant.  Just a quick hint of extravagance in the handcrafted necklace.  And in the background the retro lines of Russ's and the wide open sky of summertime, fierce with sunlight.   I remember even as I was madly snapping photos with my terrible phone camera, I was aware that these photographs, as inspired as they felt to me, were awfully awfully idiosyncratic in their inspiration and focus.  But even now as I look back at the moment:  I feel happily nostalgic.

Isn't it funny how these moments creep up on us and make us happy with the buzz of memories that we didn't even realize we remembered or valued?

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